5 Ways to Protect your Coloured Hair

Do you want to change your hair style? Go for 2016 trendy hair color. It will nourish your hair as well give you a new look. What say? Wanna try? But yes, protection of hair color also comes with hair color and to keep your hair color bright and beautiful you have to make that extra little effort to maintain the color of the hair.

Here are the five ways to protect your color hair:

Find a salon that uses quality colors

The hairs are very precious and accentuate your style. Using bad quality hair color can damage your hair and can even make you bald. So always go to a salon that you trust. For quality hair color treatment, opt for hair salon because they will color the hair as well as nourish your hair to protect the color.

 Avoid red dye as much as you can

If you love your hair and want the color to stay for long on your head then avoid applying red dye over them. The dye color should not stress your life rather give you extra glowing hair.

Invest in high-quality shampoos

The quality of the shampoo matters as when you start color your hair, you need to invest in the best shampoo for color treated hair. Normal hair shampoo will reduce the brightness of the color and color will soon fade away.  A faded hair color can defoliate your entire look. So wash your colored hair once or twice a month with the best shampoo available.

Excessive rinsing is not good

When you rinse your colored hair after applying the shampoo and conditioner, don’t rinse it for too long as it can cause the hair to get damped. Just rinse them naturally and in a very gentle way so that it does not cause any harm to your hair.

Don’t dry your colored hair with hot dryer

The use of hot dryer can make your colored hair damp and rough. Let them dry naturally, use a towel or clean piece of cloth in order to clean them in a natural way. You can blow the cold dryer on your colored hair once they are dried with a cloth.

Your hair is as important as the other parts of your body. Everyone likes colored and shiny hairs as they can look beautiful with your outfit. In order to maintain their natural texture, you have to take extreme care of them by following above ways. If you will skip any one of the advice then your hair will be at stake. From the next time onward, when you think of coloring your hair you should keep the above piece of advice in mind to reduce damage to your precious hair.
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