Revamp your Taste & Fashion this Eid

Eid is the suburban fest of love, brotherhood and family time. A day dedicated to the share the joy among the brothers and sisters of Islam religion, but their love is not restricted to only themselves instead they spread their love towards other beings through mouthwatering foods. They celebrate two occasions in a year, Eid-Ul-Fitr and Bakrid. The former stands for the perseverance whereas the later stands for devotion, either way the delicious fest is marked by the presence of chicken, mutton dishes along with local curries. In Arabian countries, meat dishes are very common, whereas when it comes to India there is no limit for choices.

Eid and Indian cuisine:

The taste varies greatly from north to south of India, but the ingredients stay same. Chicken is the all-time favorite, but the mutton dishes are the special of the day. ‘Kurma Curry’ a delicious preparation using both mutton and chicken would mark the start of Eid morning. The Kurma is more popular in the southern states where more coconut is used to give a thick texture to the curry. The side dishes mainly consist of ‘Porotta’ or ‘Paratha’ made from Maida. ‘Rice roti’ or ‘Pathiri’ is another specialty along with common ‘Chapatti or wheat roti’. The Arabic Kuboose has nowadays been widely used, which might add the color to Eid feast along with fried meat.

Other than chicken and mutton, beef is another major meat part that satisfies Indian tummies. The variety of curry is numerous. Each Indian kitchen has their own innovation. ‘Chicken Pirat’ is another popular one where the curry is low cooked to get an extra thick and appealing gravy. The fried varieties are more popular where all kinds of meats are used. ‘Afghan Fry’, ‘Mughal Fry’, ‘Kebabs’, ‘Tandoori’ etc. are very few of a long list. Lebanese and Arabian cuisine has also found ntheir way into Indian plates in the form of ‘Shawwaiyas’ and ‘Shwaramas’. 

The Style Statement this Eid:

The story would in complete without mentioning the dress sense of Eid. Often this fest is one reason for people to purchase new dresses. Textiles and Shops come up with mind blowing offers to sling shot the business. It is estimated that $10 billion sales happen during the Eid eve. The dress sense also changes among from north to south. The north Indian men prefers Jubba, where Arabic style full length Jubbas are also used along with a ‘taqiayah’ or cap. The young generation would go with jeans and T-shirt, where the feminine beauty has chosen salwar and churidar’s over traditional purdahs. Other popular wears include laches, anarkalis, masakalis etc.  In the south dhoti and shirt are the popular mode of dressing men prefer for occasions and eves, whereas women go with lehangas, churidars, salwar’s as well as sarees. But Purdahs are never out of the tradition yet, a decent number of females still prefer purdahs especially on Eid Namaz occasion. The children don’t have any limit, boys choose between classic jubbas to party special sharwani’s whereas girls would go with frocks, medis etc.

So, dress up in style and enjoy a great time with friends and family over a dinner table with Eid special menus.

Eid Mubarak!
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