5 Monsoon hacks for working women

Monsoon, an uncertain period of water days. It has both beauty and distress. The former part is only when you stick with your pillow on the bed, but the later starts from your office travel till you get back in bed. Digging a little science out, during rainy weather the moisture in the air is comparably very high, which is perfect condition for fungus and molds to sprout. Thus, the chance of falling ill is high. Married working women not only have to maintain her house, but also balance her work at office. So, here are 5 easy monsoon hacks that can save you from monsoon dilemma.

Some hacks that help you thrive in shape during monsoon.

1. Bypass cold and flu: This ain’t an easy task since microbes aren’t working according to our will. Still, avoiding them to an extent will help you stay out of cold. Avoid all sources of direct water and go with bottled water or purified water no matter whether you are in the office or home. It is always recommended to carry boiled cool water along with you. Give a break to street foods during monsoon, instead, stick to home meals. If you got wet in the rain thoroughly dry your hair using a dryer or untuck to evaporate water out. You shall sit under fan instead AC during monsoon which might be preferred by others too.

2. Beat the delay: Rain can be an unwelcomed delay queen on your way. The streets remain water-logged and this hits the traffic in the city. Having own two-wheeler doesn’t help much during monsoon. So try switching to car or office cab instead. Pooling car might be another choice. Carrying the rain cover might help if you are a two wheeler. Start 15 to 30 minutes advance from your house to beat the delay during monsoon.

3. Say no to heavy makeover: Go for waterproof makeup so that it does not spoil your look. Do not apply heavy makeup while you are going to office during monsoon. Carry your makeup kit with you so that you can give a touch up after you reach office. What say Girls!

4. Dress wisely/Accessories: There is no guarantee that you won’t get wet. Still using light woven fabric as monsoon dresses will help dry quickly. Avoid denims as it might keep you wet for long and make you feel the chill. White is a complete “NO” during monsoon. Wear waterproof pumps or boots as monsoon shoes, carry umbrella all the time and use rain coats. Bold is the new color of this season. So, choose Yellow, Orange, Pink for your accessories so that you are visible even during heavy rain.

5. Health Care: At home, you have to take care of your family. If you fall sick, then who will do the work? After all, you are the “Woman of the House”. Here are some monsoon health tips at home to follow:
·         Avoid tugging hair after a bath, instead, leave them free. Using a drier might be beneficial.
·         Do not have cold stuff like desserts, chilled beverages; instead go with coffee, tea etc.
·        Avoiding veggies during monsoon isn’t a good choice, if you insist still try making pakoras, bajis or other side dishes with veggies and eat them. Vegetables help built better immunity.
·         Have Ginger tea to keep yourself warm.

All you working women out there, embrace monsoon to the fullest and keep your home and office life in balance!

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