Understand Your Scorpio Boss at office

Tina is a young, energetic and adamant boss, who was very favorite for the company but didn’t cut the butter among her employees. She was little friendly but always was there for her employees though.  Something did strike your mind when you heard about Tina, something more similar to a Scorpio woman personality. Most liked and preferred by the seniors or company heads, a Scorpio boss has high rate of success in her career. Let us dig a little details about a Scorpio women and her leadership skills.

Her strengths

She won’t showcase the beauty of a young female within her, instead would exhibit the stern leader who is dedicated and never likes to fail in the committed work. She is powerful and well organized with her duties and work. She never take directives from others but are very welcoming to share their views and suggestion. A Scorpio boss never stays idle, instead she seems like always engaged in her job. She often doesn’t like excuse from her employees at cost instead are looking for people who can run along her, so she is very keen on the selection of her workers too. Like a perfect boss, she will be protective when it comes to people under her and makes sure that they are rewarded for their hard work.

Her weakness

A female Scorpio boss has certain weakness which sometimes might take her nerves out. Usually employees hit the unlike button within them due these qualities inbuilt in her. Since her preference goes to work than others she may not be well praised under all situation. Unforgiving and harsh nature makes her distinguished from a perfect boss. Her nature might make it difficult for certain people to go with her in terms of work. Her decisions or authority is not subjected to be questioned by her inferiors or colleagues. The inflexible nature makes her least preferable for a friendly boss, drifting her far from colleagues and workers which might make her short of return commitment.

Her Style of Interaction

Powerful and Dominant, the Scorpio characteristic for a female boss might look similar to that of a war lord, but her dedication to work would compensate such a thought. The hard driving nature would compel her employees to juice the best from them. She is the kind of boss who comes early and leaves late from the office. Though not friendly she always care’s for her juniors who works really hard for her, but never express it out in public to keep the laurels as such. Never makes anything late in her life, she is one punctual being most liked by the higher authorities, so definitely her path to higher designation is never under darkness. She is extremely confident about her work such that anything other success is not found her dictionary.

Now you might have understood well about your Scorpio boss, just give her what it is short of success and definitely you will be one of favorites for her, later would work your level up.
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