Menstruation Myth: Whether to hit the gym or not?

Menstruation is actually, a pride of womanhood. It makes you feel every month that how much you are beautiful as woman. Since ages, our society has deprived this natural cycle in such a way that every girl is bound to think that those 5 days of her life are the hardest days of the life. Time has changed, and so the ideologies. Now, women appreciate the natural cycle in the body and welcome the changes in her life. Recently, it came to me a shock when my mother asked me  “you went to gym in those 5 days”…. I said, “Yes”, Why not? 

Then, I understood that women still prevail some misconception regarding exercises during the menstrual cycle.

Do you have same confusion whether to hit the gym or not during those days? Then, here is the solution for you.

Some workouts and their advantages

1. Walking makes you feel better: Just imagine a light walk in the morning, which would give a mild muscle movement to the lower portion of your body, then the cycle remains normal and less painful. But make sure that you don’t push hard to meet any calorie challenge.

2. Jogging: It would help you beat menstrual discomforts: If you have a good mood to jog, then the idea is not bad because endorphin hormones released during jogging and it help your overall health as well as periodic discomforts.

3. Yoga: It to calm your mind and body:  This would be one of the greatest choices during the periods. Do not try difficult yoga poses rather choose some easy poses which would help you attain a calm mind and there by replenishing body with energy. 

4. Aerobics: It is much more fun filled workout or exercise, which suits best for your condition. Aerobic would help you overcome the PMS with ease, where a little external stimulus would enhance the recovery of the reproductive system. Also, it will help you maintain a good blood pressure which is good for the heart.

 Some workouts to be avoided.

a. Over exerting workouts at the gym: During menstruation, there is a chance of injury to the uterus if you over exert. So while at the gym try avoiding certain inversion poses during a workout, body reversing, excessive weight training, dead lifts etc.

b. Jogging is good, but try not to run or jog extensively too much. This much weaken the uterus lining and might cause excessive bleeding. So make the jogging light and quit the workout as soon as you feel exhausted.

c. If you don’t use any menstruation pause pills, then try to avoid athletic practice session which requires vigorous body movements. Instead, you can do a light warm session without causing much strain to lower body.

During Menstruation, your body feels bloated and you drain out your energy. A little push to your mind and body can do miraculous change in your body and some light-hearted exercise can actually reduce your bloating and keep your energetic for the entire day. Do not shelter yourself from flying high dreams. I will continue my gym session “those 5 days”. 

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