How mango for summer skin care is useful?

Ah! The summer is already in its highest power and we are all soaked under its powerful rays. Summer is the time when your skin is most exposed to damage, because of harmful UV radiations from Sun rays and it actually damages the skin surface. Tanning, pigmentation, dehydration of skin, summer pimples etc. are the additional summer gifts for your skin.  Mango, as the name suggests, is a power-packed summer fruit, which we include in our daily summer diet. As we all know, it is considered as “the king of all fruits” because it includes Vitamin C along with others essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, potassium etc.

Mango is no stranger for cosmetics industry, there are several mango skin care products with pure mango extracts, mango base creams and mango face packs. Several beauty clinics use mango kit for a fruit facial due to their unmatched nourishing ability. Also they contains certain compounds known to have anti-cancerous factors which makes mango more favorite to people.  Let us discover more about mango and its skin application.

Reasons why one should use mango in skincare

  1. Mango has a multitude of ingredients that human body needs in all perspective, like Vitamins and Minerals.

  2. The antioxidant property of mango is the perk using it for skin.

  3. Mango has collagen in it, which helps the skin to maintain a smooth and silky texture, rejuvenating the blood supply to skin.

  4. Using mango face pack would help the skin glow. Vitamin A and beta-carotenoids in the fruit will enhance the outermost layer and makes it glow beautifully.

  5. Mango face pack can help you remove black heads, for your surprise there is fiber in mango flesh, which when turned into a face mask will help you remove all black heads.

  6. The antioxidant molecules in the fruit delays the process of ageing, whereas the nutrient channel consistently nourishes the skin. So the wrinkles, pigmentation etc. take a long route to get activated on your skin.

  7. The vitamin A is very good tan removal supplement, which will replenish the skin, and it can also enhance blood circulation there by complementing skin with natural tone. Also, it improves the complexion upon on frequent usage.

  8. Mango Juice has cleansing action which would keep the skin clean on the hardest days of summer from dirt and dust, thereby giving no room for pimples.

Some Useful Mango skin care treatment

1. Mango paste for hydration: You can prepare a mango paste by pulping two sliced mango in a mixer grinder adding along Multani Mitti or fuller’s earth and applying it as a pack for a duration of 15 minutes.

2. Skin refresher: Take mango pulp from one or two mangoes, add 8- 10 almond seeds (grind in mixer grinder) along with oat meal mixing with milk or cold water. Your customized skin refresher is ready. 

3. Tan Remover: Prepare a mango face mask using mango, fuller’s earth, Bengal gram flour and honey. Mix them to a consistency of free flowing paste and apply on the skin for 15 minutes. That’s it, wash with cold water and pat dry to feel the change.

So, you have seen how good mango for skin is, so next time when you plan to eat them save a couple for your skin too.


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