Bengali Jamai Sasti....A celebration of Mother-in-law & Son-in-law

Ask any Bengali, what is Jamai Sasti? And you are flooded with so many heart touching answers. It is a festival that is mainly celebrated between a Son-in-Law and Mother-in-law. It is a day for them where both of them come out from their comfort zone of respect and shyness and have some light hearted fun. Jamai Sasti 2016 is on 10th June and most Bengali families have already started planning on how to enjoy this day in a special way. The main benefit goes to the “Jamai” (Son-in-law) because he gets the utmost pamper, care and whole lot of gifts and Bengali menus in front of him. After marriage, a daughter is bound to leave her father’s house to step in her own house and on this auspicious day both “Jamai” and Daughter is welcomed to experience the ultimate hospitality.

Rituals of Jamai Sasti

Well, the day starts with a Sasti Puja that is performed by the Mother-in-law followed by the blessings to Jamai and Daughter. Jamai will enter in-laws house with a big packet of sweets. Then, she will tied a Yellow thread on the right hand of Son-in-law and left hand of the daughter. The entire ritual takes 1 to 2 hours to complete and finally there is an exchange of gifts and excellent menus to wrap up the whole occasion. Bengalis are real foodies and no occasion is complete without good foods. Traditionally, it was only a homely occasion, but now with modern ideas, this occasion is celebrated on a bigger note.
ter is bound to leave her father’s house to step in her own house and on this auspicious day both “Jamai” and Daughter is welcomed to experience the ultimate hospitality.

If you are planning to celebrate the occasion in a different way and still you don’t have any ideas, then here you go: Let’s discover some unique plans for this Jamai Sasti.

Jamai Sashti Gift options:

1. Customized gifts: It is applicable for both parties. You can capture the duo memories in one single frame and make the moment lively. These customized gift options are available online. Choose Presto to capture this magical moment and celebrate the day with so much fun.

2. Gift of Gold: Gold is always pure and brings prosperity in life. If you want to secure the future of your daughter and Jamai, the gold can act as an investment. Gift him in the form of bracelet, chain or ring or even a gold coin.

3. Travel plans: Are you a traveler? Or is your Son-in-law a traveler? Whatever it is, plan a short weekend trip with the family for a memorable experience. It will rejuvenate your soul as well as both of you can understand each other in a better way. Travel plan strengthens your relationship too.
Plan your Jamai Sashti gifts now for some awesome offers everywhere!

Bengali cuisines:

How can we missJamai sashti special menu? It’s start with breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner. So, I hope no Bengali son-in-law (Jamai) will ever miss this extra treatment at in-laws house. Breakfast starts with Bengali style Luchi and Aloordum and sweet, at lunch one can enjoy sumptuous Echor Chingri (Raw jackfruit prepared with prawn), Illish Paturi (Baked Hilsa Fish), Rui macher Kalia (Spicy Rohu fish curry), and Exotic Mutton Kosha (Mutton prepared in dry gravy). All the dishes are extraordinary and have their own flavor and taste. Also, there are many Bengali restaurants and some popular like Bhojohori Manna, 6 ballygunge place offer excellent menus on this day for a grand celebration.  Do you stay out of Bengal? Do not worry; you can even try different menus to add some jazz in son-in-law and mother-in-law relationship.

This Jamai Sashti, plan ahead, surprise each other with great ideas and make the day exciting and fun filled. 
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  1. All Bengali Jamai's (Son-in-law) must be excited as their day is coming soon. Yeah!!! it is time for another "Jamai Sasti" as per Bengali Calendar.