Amazing benefits of hot oil for Pedicure and Manicure

Manicure and pedicure is not just a part of cosmetology, but it is a deep rooted science. Your face is attacked only by sun and pollution whereas hands and feet get damage because of chemicals, pollutants, abrasion, tissue damage, weather etc. So, manicure and pedicure becomes so popular these days. Hot oil pedicure & manicure using purified almond oil for nails will soften the underlying tissue and ensures growth of healthy nails as well rejuvenate the skin to make it look more soft and shining.

Let’s get into the details: 
Hot Oil Manicure

As you all know, manicure is beauty treatment done for your hands. Manicure oil runs form sleeve line till nails for your hand covering the entire area with a constant supply of nutrients. Due to daily chores, your hand nails and skin lost its shine and damage the skin cells. In order to fix this, the tissues of the hands need an enhanced supply of vitamins and other nutrients, which would be covered in the hot oil manicure therapy.

Hot Oil Pedicure

When your upper limbs get special treatment, it would be partiality to avoid the lower limbs. Unlike hands, feet has thicker skin inorder to withstand the body weight. More often they will be covered in bottoms and shoes. But after long days tiring load bearing, our feet needs a bit of extra care.  Hot oil pedicure would be the best thing you can offer to your feet. One would take care for their nails in the hands, but most would neglect toe nails. Hot oil treatment nourishes the tissue to growth beautiful nails in shape along with a repair in cracked nails.

Medicure for healthy nails

While manicure and pedicure is intended for enhancing and caring the beauty of nails and skin on the limbs, medicure focuses on medical care for limbs. Hot oil medicure comes with great advantages like- during the hot oil massage the tissues are properly relaxed such that the blood circulation towards limb regions are improved so that the skin gets proper nutrients supply.

Manicure and Pedicure Set

If you are DIY person who loves to give special care in beauty treatment, then you can find lot of manicure and pedicure tools online as well from local beauty stores. You can use a basic kit for both feet and hand, but if you prefer little more professional touch, then separate kits are available. The necessary tools required are:

·         Nail File
·         Nail Buffer
·         Cuticle pusher
·         Cuticle nipper
·         Nail brush
·         Pumice stone
·         Toe separator
·         Orangewood Stick

Other than this there certain tools available for finishing touch like soapy water, nail polish remover, soft coat, oil, moisturizer etc. Manicure and pedicure prices are very affordable both with a parlor treatment as well as home treatment. If you prefer to purchase a kit, you can grab a basic one for less 250 INR and whereas an extended one would cost somewhere near 500 INR. There are also professional branded kit which is worth a fortune & comes with a four digit price tag.
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  1. It is quite useful for all working women as they do not have sufficient time to take care of their feet and hands. These tips could be very useful.