10 different types of Plank Exercises

OMG! The extra calories in your food are stored around the waistline and abdomen making you looks like a papaya. Jogging, yoga, weight training etc. are the exercises most would prefer, but have you ever heard of plank exercises? These exercises would strengthen your mid body and helps to shape a perfect belly and waist.

Let us run down top 10 different easy plank workouts:

1. Planking out: Bend down to lay your palm on ground with slightly adjusting the leg, now walk backwards without moving your hands and attain a flank position. Repeat the position crouching back for about 7-15 times. This plank workout would help your muscles to stretch and contract thereby helps you to burn some fat.

2. To & Fro Plank: Make a high plank by supporting hands right beneath shoulder and keeping backbone straight as possible simultaneously resting on toe fingers. Now make a quick 45o shift on right leg and engage the same to left leg while bring other foot to initial position mimicking a clocks tick tock or to and fro motion.

3. Low plank legs out: Get on a plank position by supporting on a bosu dome. Now simply lift either of the leg at a time to its maximum stretch length. Repeat this workout for 7- 10 times slowly.

4. Side plank: In this floor plank exercise you must lie sideways on the support of an elbow to make a side plank. Now, lift the top leg to its maximum stretch length. Repeat this 10 times before switching to next elbow and respective leg.

5. Floor Plank Walk: Go to a semi plank by resting both forearm on the mat, now slowly walk forward by simultaneously moving toes. Also reverse walk in the same position. You can walk 5-8 times in similar manner in order to strength abdomen muscles.

6. Stretcher Plank: Go to a high plank by supporting hands beneath the shoulder and standing on toe nails. Now slowly bring the right leg next to right hand and hold for 2-5 sec before returning to normal position. Do the same for left section too. This plank hold will ensure maximum stretching of lower muscles and their burring some calories.

7. Horizontal plank: Make a plank by resting legs horizontal to the spine by keeping legs on same level of the upper body on a ball. Now lift the butts up by slowly drawing feet towards the chest, and hold the position for 2- 5sec before reversing.

8. Plank rolling: Make a low plank by resting on the elbow while keeping forearms head to tail. Now slowly raise either of the hand perpendicular without changing the posture. This popular plank exercise for women would help burn the side fat.

9. Side Sweep: Go a high plank, slowly walk to either of the side to the maximum stretching point and halt for 2 sec in at the limit before walking to the reverse side and repeating the same process. You can consider 10-15 reps for maximum benefit.

10. Classic Pushups- It intend to work on the upper portion of the body especially near the chest and wing muscles. But, pushup can help you improve the overall muscle strength. One can choose from declined, inclined and horizontal pushups trying different hardness level.

The one question that most people is how to do a plank exercise correctly? Always keep in mind that plank workouts are supposed to give pain near the abdomen and waistline muscles, which is actually a good sign and if not, then you are not doing the posture correctly. 

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