Black Coffee & Yoga: Challenges & Solutions

Coffee lovers will agree with the fact that their day starts with a cup of coffee and ends in the same way. Do you sail in the same boat? Ask yourself! The answer is within. Most research and studies show that having a black coffee actually burns our fat and yoga practitioners who love coffee actually reduce the numbers of the coffee cups for an entire day. Why? Well, Yoga, on the other hand helps you remove the toxins from the body and many debates are still going on that the caffeine in the coffee actually add up more toxins in the body. In the long run, it can add up more disastrous effect on health. What’s next? Let’s check the effects and challenges that a yoga practitioner can face while sipping in a cup of coffee.

Effects & Challenges of coffee on a yoga

1. Over Exerting: Coffee is often taken as a sleep buster in many occasions like late night office works, study session etc. There the stimulant in the coffee, the caffeine mimics certain body chemicals in order to increase heart rate, alertness, sugar level, perspiration thereby giving body a message to forcefully stay awake. During yoga, body and mind should come in harmony but intake of coffee destroy that balance over exerting the body. So regular consumption might make it difficult for the yogi to achieve a balance between body and mind.

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2. Mood Swing: Certain studies have shown that caffeine decrease the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin is known as the happy hormone or the chemical signal responsible for keeping you happy. So the basic need for yoga is first of all took away from you, a happy mind. So it might be difficult for a person to concentrate on the purpose while committed in yoga.

3. Depletes Vitamin content: If the black coffee is in excess inside the body it might reduce the vitamin gradient, which is a negative interaction of a stimulant. That’s why one becomes over tired after the short lived burst of coffee intake. All this is against the yoga policy.  

4. Destroys the water balance: When the mind go in peace it invites the body to join it, this is the basic yoga. But when the coffee is in, it initially give a burst of energy which is short lived and comes with side effect like vitamin depletion and dehydration. Excess coffee intake destroys the water content of body there by collapsing body Mind Bridge.

If you are a hardcore bean junkie and can’t leave the habit you can try the below in order to keep the maintain balance between yoga and coffee.
1)    Reduce the level of your coffee intake.

2)    Try to avoid the coffee at least an hour before yoga session, the best choice would be to completely avoid it before morning session.

3)    Browse the market for special coffee preparations loaded up with ginger, ginseng and other extract more like a green tea.

4)    If the coffee is already inside your system, drink enough water to compensate the dehydration.

Expert Advice

Try to avoid coffee as hard as you can, but if you can’t, it’s okay try to alter the intake time so that it doesn’t clash with your yoga session. A small sip of coffee to satisfy habit, 15 to 30 minutes before yoga won’t do much damage but keep it to minimal as possible. Find an alternative for coffee like green tea, vitamin water, fruit juices etc. to keep yourself active. If you are a bean junkie reduce the intake day by day keeping it minimal to at least 1-2 cups a day with minimum of 7 hrs. interval.

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