5 yummy healthy benefits of Lychee fruit

Lyche, Litchi or Liz chi, you can name it the way you want but the taste is monotonous throughout the world. Born as a sub-tropical child in the Chinese provinces, this luscious fruit is now cultivated all around the world. It’s small, comparable size of a ping bong ball but packs a punch like large sugar ball. The periphery is decorated with small red spikes, but once you cross the boundary to the inner flesh it is a mesmerizing world of savoring mouthwatering and odoriferous pinkish fruit.
The story doesn’t end there, the fruit not only satisfies the taste bud but the nutrient scavengers of the body too. This tiny fruit is loaded with a ton of nutrients when compared to its size, they are rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, and B along with essential minerals like Potassium, Phosphorous etc.  Let us focus our scope to 5 most prodigious health benefits consuming lychee fruit.

  • Heart health plus: This would be one of the most sacred organ in our body, the blood vessel network, super complex functioning mechanism, precise care required etc. makes the heart health priority job for us. But imagine consuming some lychee to keep your heart’s health safe? Yes, that’s true. Latest research’s found that lychee fruit is rich in polyphenols which are a promoter of heart health. Lychee has 17 –20 % more polyphenols than grapes which most popular in terms of the content.

  • Immunity booster: Lychee is naturally rich in the vitamin C content, a 100 g raw fruit carries about 72 mg of vitamin C which is nearly double the content in orange. Thus, 100gm lychee meets around 117 % of required daily need. Vitamin C is a major component employed in oiling the immune system. They are most effective against bacterial infection, inflammation, and flu.

  • Aids Weight Loss: There is nothing better than fruits when it comes to weight loss, so if you are basically looking for best in class fruit then lychee would be the crowned king as Chinese believe. They are very low in calorie with literally very low or no cholesterol and saturated fat. Moreover the presence of oligonol, a polyphenol is an added advantage due to its anti-oxidant and anti- viral activity.

  • The magic oligonol: This would be one of the magic ingredient present in the lychee fruit. The magic is bound in its ability to interfere the metabolism for good, thereby helping us. There are scientific proofs that oligonol helps in burning extra fat, reduce post-workout exhaustion, boosts the energy level, improve blood circulation, dermatological revejunation etc. 

  • Gastro Pal: The seed has excellent properties to deal with the tract problems, other than that it rich in several compounds that aid the digestion. Lychee fruit is known to treat mild diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers and stomach upsets. Other than that this fruit contains an amazing antacid property which would help the extra-gastric juice to get diluted and thereby protecting the stomach lining.

Its Summer time and Lychee stays only for a few weeks. Grab this delicious healthy fruit from the market and enjoy your hot mornings.

Did you take that juicy bite?                
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