5 Situations where you can’t find an alternative for your mother!

Nature is the mother of all living beings. All these years she stood still but gave us all necessities to flush and thrive. This is what our own beloved mother do with us, she never stops caring and loving you no matter what you are. If there is someone daring to love you even when the last person on earth repudiate, it would be your mother. Here are 5 general situations where you would probably fail to find a replacement of your mom.

1) The first bloom: If you are a girl, you must have probably understood this by now.  It’s an awkward situation to see the biological visitation happening within, mostly confused, frightened and alienated. But it’s her mother who stood by her side and let her know that everything is fine, because who doesn’t trust their mother? Her presence would be the greatest thing one would request in such a situation of transformation. Lately, she is the one who would be most concerned to give you lectures regarding further life full of misery and unknown.

2) The first kiss: Yeah, literally you mom kissed you first even before you opened your eyes, wrapped in a blanket of warmth, so weak to even cry. No matter looking cute or weird, the mother is full of love and passion. She is ready to resign all her pleasure, job, fortune everything in order to grow you into a being of value. Most would only remember the kiss from their lover unaware about the first kiss full of adoration, joy and care! 

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3) Choosing the right: This is a well-known fact, nobody cares what happens to you other than your mother. She is always careful about her choices she makes when it comes to her baby! That’s why a mother spends more time on a baby shop than a boutique. When you grow up and find’s a companion, she would be the one more concerned than you with your choices. Say, you are held up in dark unable to walk, filled with fear and shiver, the most sweetest thing you would expect to happen is the voice of your mother gushing through the darkness spreading the light of care.

4) The mediator: Dad is always busy shaping a life for you. He may, at times fail to see your mind and that gap could only be filled by your mother. Your mother is the only one who would cover you for up when you are in trouble, she testifies to teacher that you would score better grades next time, she would even lie to you that she hates cookies when there is only one left.

5) The last shoulder: Friends are always there with you, in all mischief you commit, in all your joys and sorrows, as study mate or even as a washout buddy. But they are limited over a certain point in your life. Everyone becomes selfish when it comes to one’s own life, but not your mother. Even at the hardest time there will be a shoulder free for you to relax and shed tears, Mother!

“I’m so ugly that people would run away seeing my face, but only one mind, giving me a hug- my mother” !

Celebrate this Mother's Day like never before as you know there is no replacement of such a wonderful person.

Love You Maa!
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