5 powerful dynamics to handle any relationship

In definition, relationship is the strong bond of commitment one feel towards the people living inside his/her circle of life. But as we evolved the relationships starts to get complex, making it one of the hardest emotion within us. That’s the reason why a wife finds it harder to live after her husband expires, or children go depressed when their mother leaves, shedding long hours of tears when the dear or near one passes away. A person can be indirectly controlled by regulating the relationships around them, what happens if they can’t get it worked out with ease? It’s quite natural that one can go default with relationships, most might fail to keep it going. Breakup with loved one, divorce with a partner, the tiff between parents, rivalry with a sibling, the enmity between friends, all these arise due to the fact that relationships hard to maintain. 

Let us see 5 dynamic ways to handle relationships.

1. Be the peacemaker: No matter what the relation is, if you prefer to go alongside peace then you have a better chance of surviving the downfalls. Others don’t have the patience to wait for the right out, they find it hard to survive the burden inside so tangles the thinking ability. It’s we the one who must powder the peace amongst them, whether be second person or third person.

2. Try character swapping: They might be going through hard times, they might not make much of sense at times, but if you start to think as them then you might understand the why part. Never take any decision on a solo perspective, consider the others part and try their thoughts before making any finalization.

3. Keep this mantra in mind: ‘Never make a promise when you are happy, never take a decision when you are sad and never give a reply when you are angry’! This life quote has a greater sense than words; most of us fail in a relationship basically because we went wrong with any of these three, so next time be careful when juggling with emotions.

4. Be ready to accept your mistake: Nobody ain’t a saint, we will commit mistakes. But the lemon is that we won’t accept it most of the times. Especially in married life this is one reason why there happens a fight. If you are ready to accept that you went wrong, it’s a self-realization from your part and a feeling of peace for the other one.

5. Keep yourself healthy: There is no space of a rotting mind in a healthy body! When your body is fit all metabolisms will take place as intended, such that your brain doesn’t get a scope to think viral. When you have a healthy body then you got a healthy mind, the healthy mind makes a great decision!

So don’t overcook your brain, just go with your conscience and you will keep all relations intact.

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