International Women's Day: 5 promises every woman should make today

Today is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to all women of this world. She is someone’s mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, boss, teacher and etc. She wears the caps of innumerable roles. Every girl out their must realize the fact that elementary life is born inside a woman, she is who nurtures the life and bring it into existence. While you are reading this, you might have problems that will pull you out of the warmth of comfort, but fancy the picture without your touch, it would be like art without paint. On this day, you can make some promises to feel the superiority surging inside your mind to actuate self as well as others dependent by your existence.

#Promise ‘I will accept my imperfections’


The whole world is an imperfect piece of art working with the conscience that imperfection propels future. So there is nothing embarrassing to accept your imperfection because a better self-esteem makes you a greater mind. When you work with the acceptance part the later will work according to your notion.

#Say ‘I am better this way’


Those who compare self with a person having a better catch and cry that you don’t stand a chance to be around them, must read this. God created each of its beings in a way that they would fit better in this nature, so obviously others might have an upper hand in the certain context of life, but you are born with same things as they have but works in a different way.

#Believe in your inner beat


You don’t fall until unless your beat stops, make this your motto. It’s very easy to fail life, the thing is to simply channel the life to flow as it wishes, but when you are adamant that you want to be something listen to that inner voice and pave your own road.

#Love your better half.


Some hate to see a mirror, but it’s just a reflection of you that you think is not good. The fact is the dislike is only inside your mind, you don’t realize how much others love you. Beauty is just ticking half of yourself, it doesn’t have anything to do with your inner beauty, the other half. You are more beautiful when you starts loving yourself because the other half you are worried about will get a reflection of love for your better half.

#Motivate others


There are two ways you can drive your life, Just lock the windows keep it tight and drive straight to your destination or you can keep it open exchange the aroma of life. In the former you will fail to feel and know the life on the way, but in the later you stand a chance to tell others how to do and what to do bartering knowledge and experience.

Being a woman is your greatest endowment because you are serving the Gods meal ‘the love’ and his fervency ‘the care’. Jolly along and live happily. 
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