Getting Married: 5 types of mother-in-law and know how to handle them

Are you getting married this season? Then, welcome to your extended family. You started a new life not only with your partner, but you get “His” family as your family too. Mother-in-law and her behavior is every girl’s question in a new home.
Here we are discussing the most common types of mother-in-laws (MIL’s) and hackamores to deal them.

1. The politician haired MIL

This types of MILs are very curious about everything that happens around, she needs a constant update of your personal life, whom you meet, whom you talked over the phone. It wouldn’t be surprising if your husband hesitates to cross the boundary that your MIL set.

What to do: Practically if you are war blooded daughter-in-law, then a conflict is inevitable, but a sense of harmony would do the thing. Instead, thinking being a separate entity, try to be her friend more like your college buddies. Try to understand what her tastes, nerves and idols are, make sure that you don’t mess with any of those. 

2. The covetous Lady

If your MIL is a jealous, envious woman, then it’s going to be a bit difficult. She would be obsessed to a lot of things around you, anything that makes you look eminent will eat her brain. Eventually, you will be the sole competitor for her, she will always try to dominate you whether it’s your love towards your partner or it’s your decisions in the life.

What to do: Just be wise here, try to understand her feelings and try to make no actions that will trigger ‘lady greedy’ within her. Always share your value for her, like make her feel that she is important when it comes to turnouts, decision making etc.

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3. The ‘I Know What to do’ woman

It’s fairly obvious that there might be survivors in life who over time gets better with the crest and trough. Those MILs always gives you a headache, “Just do what I say” is their ultimate word, because they speak from experience. They always intend to be prideful, self-esteemed, audacious and virile.

What to do: Understand that there are a lot of useful lessons you can grab from their life, most of the times their decision tends to be biased but in the final verdict it showers succor. But if in case you need to prove her something wrong, just make sure that you don’t scratch the lioness within her. Draw the line of politeness and just try to convenience her the point of fault without hunching her feelings.

4. The party beast in law

‘Oh geez, ain’t I looking charm’, there are these ladies who loves to be around friends and family. They always love to give a visit, bask in parties without compromising her sense of beauty. They always need a daughter-in-law up to her scratch, to make a party exhibit.

What to do: If you don’t stand anywhere on her ground, try to discuss it with her instead of changing her wheels. But at times, when you are with her make sure you don’t upset her without making your legs dirty.

5. Anxious MIL

She would be basically so fond of her family, always make sure that her kids stay safe. The feeling of ‘my kids’ makes her act so compassionate and it’s very rare that she approves your will. But don’t worry, these group of woman tends to be very loving when it comes to your kids.

What to do: Try to hinge back the same love, if you can convince her that your knowledge has a bit upper hand, then she would trust you and revert to you when it comes to decision making.

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Today you are a bride, but tomorrow you might be a mother in law. So now you know what to do, Right? 
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