5 unique Holi theme party celebrations

It's Spring Time, It's Holi Time!

Holi has a historic significance in our country. But, apart from mythological ideology, Holi has no boundary of caste, religion or a system, all enjoy it with the spirit of unity flushing amongst each. Though, North India remains veteran in holi celebration, that was an old story a century old, Now, whole India celebrates it whether its office, residence, or college. Holi is India’s way of conveying love. So, let us use some innovative ideas to throw a holi party to make it an unforgettable memory.

1)      The classic way: This style is more likely to be matching the old school way other than the attitude of attendees. Everyone gather on a ground, public junction or a park, usually there will be a starter who begins the color bombs, but in some part of North India, there will be a bhajan or prayer, sang equivocally before beginning the party. The dress code is once own choice, but to add beauty most wear white dress.


2) El Tomatina: This is uncommon to Indians but, In Spain it's more likely holi but instead of colors they use tomato. To add a pinch of uniqueness, this could be a different and adopted idea that you could try on.


*Muddy Blast:
It is a monochromatic mode of holi, which is cheap and fun but, include lots of thrill. Either, find some pure mud to mix water or make one on your own by digging a pit, but make sure that you don’t invite any unwanted guests or else you will miss the fun.

3) Beach Theme: Nobody must have tried this other than coastal people; beach holi is more than fun because the white waves add more fun with colors and people and your guests will have a rocking Holi. Gusting wind would add an extra bonanza of huge color balloons over the party area and it will remain as a perfect memory.

4) The Retro Make: This is an innovative idea came from west but celebrated among us, here typically you ought to choose a trend that is a decade old but not the classic way, means something from your past that you could perfectly customize to treat the holi. Bollywood serves a perfect breeding ground to borrow some ideas including great music, themes and dress codes.

5) The Kido’s: A past to our childhood, that’s what this theme could offer you. A time when there is nothing other than homework’s made us worry; once again you are going back to that age to enjoy the holi to its fullest. Pichkaris, water guns, color bombs and food altogether take us back to the comfort of our parents and love of our family.


Plan and Arrange
Scope for innovation is inexhaustible, so bring in your own idea to serve a perfect holi to family and friends. But the common procedures for party planning includes preparing a list of attendees (if not a public holi party), selecting color code for a touch of uniqueness, inviting the guests, arranging colors and playbots, planning food menu and misc.

There you go, so let the holi be a warm memory for you!

Happy Holi Guys!
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