What Your Nails Say about Your Health

Nails are the mirror of your body; they will tell you a lot of things other than being a fancy accessory on your fingers. The latest research suggests that Nails can directly show some indications related to hormonal imbalance, deficiency etc. Let us look at some of the well-known facts about the nails and their indications.

1. Pale, Cracked or Brittle Nails

  • What they suggest: This can mean a couple of things, either you over did your manicure which led to the tissue damage on your nails or this shows the Vitamin deficiency especially Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Biotin etc. 
  • Action: Just add more fruits and veggies in your diet. Leave your nail fresh for a couple of weeks to allow them to rejuvenate and grow back healthy, so next time when you to do a manicure make sure that you don’t kill your nails.
Resource: Medicinenet

2. Yellowish Nails

  • What they suggests: If your nail has a pale yellowish tinge, then it suggests a nail fungus, psoriasis or some kind of stains which might have occurred due to smoking, chemical action etc. Take a note of your nail polish; some people are allergic to certain brands of nail polish due to its unique ingredients they add to make the polish long lasting. So the indication is, try another brand or don’t use a nail polish.
  • Action: Use an alcohol based cleaner to remove the stain, either you can soak your fingernails or use a clean soaked cotton to wipe off. If the problem persists, then it suggests a fungal infection. If you are worried about the nails you can consult a dеrmatоlоgist for an anti-fungal cream.
Resource: Handresearch

3. White Dots

  • What They Suggest: White colored tiny spots over the nails will tell you that there is a trauma, might be caused by a thwack or trimmed cuticle.
  • Action: Don’t do anything, give some time for the nails to grow out, eventually the spots will disappear. But over time if the spots don’t go away, consult a dermatologist.
Resource: Healthpost

4. Off Colored vertical stripes/ bands

  • What they suggest: If your fingernails have thick lines or bands running diagonally or vertically then it says there is some kind of moles in the nail bed. But if the bands are not even, inconsistent and appear frequently then it could mean some kind of skin cancer.
  • Action: If the bands or lines disappear over time then it won’t be a problem, but persistent color changing bands must be notified to a dermatologist as early as possible.

5. Spoon Shaped Nails

  • What they suggest: If your nails have a curved spoon resembling shape which can hold a drop of water, then it means there is severe Iron deficiency where during early nail growth blood fails to reach the middle of nail forming a trough. Other possible reason would be a heart disease or hyperthyroidism.
  • Action: The best possible remedy is to consult a physician to check your internal health conditions, where a whole body checkup would be done so that all kind of possible diseases can be ruled out.

6. Colored Nail- White or Bluish

  • What they suggest: White colored fingernails put forward possible kidney damage, liver disorder or an anemia. Moreover, they also indicate protein deficiency, zinc deficiency etc. Blue colored nails mean it could be Argyria, Wilson’s disease, Lung disorder, abnormal hemoglobin activity, tissue death etc. 
  • Action: For the white nail it is advised to eat a protein rich diet, still if more nails are getting white shadow consult a doctor. Blue nails mean some serious problem so the best possible way is to consult the doctor once you see the discoloration.
Resource: webmed

 So, what your nails say about you?

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