Worry about Dark Elbows- 5 homemade remedies for you

Reena is shopaholic and online shopping is just the right thing for her. While searching online, a red tunic grab her attention, but she rejected the tunic. Why so? The tunic did not fit her budget? Actually, the reason is something else. Her dark elbows are the main reason of the rejection. We girls are so very particular about our makeup, dress, and accessories that we often forget about our elbows.

This is a common problem in every house and boys and girls are no exception. The dark elbow appears because the skin above the elbow makes a continuous friction with hard surface area and the elbow is covered with dead skin. Elbow skin is naturally thicker and loose its moisture very easily, with added prop and pressure, the elbows look coarse.

Leaning on desks and chairs while sitting or typing are the main reason of this darkness. So Avoid!!!

Here are 5 homemade remedies that are easy to apply and wipe your horrid memories of dark elbows.

Magic of Lemon

Lemon – one ingredient which you can find easily in vegetable basket or refrigerator, cut them into half and rub gently on your affected elbows clockwise and anti-clock wise. Repeat the process at-least for 15 minutes. Keep it for minimum 3 hours so that the citric acid can go deep into the skin. Wash it with lukewarm water and apply moisturizing lotion. Use it regularly for better result.

 Charming Cream and Turmeric

Turmeric, a wonder for any skin related problems help lighten the skin gradually. Get some heavy and thick cream (or high fat contained milk) mix in a half table spoon of Turmeric with a half cup of gram flower. Blend all items into a paste and apply it on your elbows in circular motion. Keep it for 15-20 minute and wash well with water. Use it regularly before bath which help to rinse it properly.

Milk and Baking Soda Wizardry

Milk contains lactic acid which reduces skin pigmentation. Mix milk and baking soda to make a paste and apply it on the dark areas. Make it a habit before bath every day to see lighten and brighten elbow.

Coconut oil and Lemon Juice

Mix 1 tbsp. Of coconut oil with 2 tbsp. of lemon juice in a bowl. Rub it on your elbows gently and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. You can use towel to wipe the excess oil as coconut oil is very good for soothing your affected areas.

Spell-working Olive Oil and Sugar

Mix 1 tbsp. of olive oil and sugar in a small bowl and apply on your elbow like a scrubbing paste. Apply it twice in a day to get a better result. Sugar will work as a scrub while olive oil nourishes the skin like a spell. You can apply it regularly before bath to experience a better result.

Other useful methods are:

  • Using lemon and yoghurt, daily scrubbing with wheat powder
  • Apply moisturizing lotion regularly
  • Apply sunscreen lotion before expose to Sun etc.
  • Precaution like take a pillow if you have a habit to prop your elbow while reading
  • Use scrubber regularly for cleaning the elbows

Get up and try these methods and you will not be ashamed of sleeveless dresses. This festive season buy sexy dresses and flaunt your flawless elbows like a swan without having a single doubt in your mind.

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