Look Gorgeous this festive season- Tips for newly brides

….. Ashtami – the power of Woman!!

A newly married woman has a lot of perks. You are not only pampered but spoiled to the core. And if you happen to be a Bengali Bride, well what can I say; Durga Puja is going to be super special for you that year! If you are not a Bengali, then let me guide you through it. One of the major festivals in Bengal, this puja is celebrated over a span of 5 days. And Ashtami is considered to be the most important of the 5 days. (In other parts of India, Navratri is celebrated on those days)!!!

Now let’s get back to where I was…. Why Ashtami is so special for newlyweds, especially the bride? Look at the splendor, glamour associated with this day. Babes you get to dress in that “Lal Paar” Sari that you have been dying to try out since you were a child. This particular sari has a quintessential beauty about it. With the red bindi, freshly washed hair and the red sari, you are sure to look drop dead gorgeous. Ashtami morning starts with Anjali, and as a decked up bride you are sure to turn heads.

There are many households where the culinary skill of the bride is tested on this day. Since it is her first puja as a newlywed, the responsibility of cooking the entire lunch for the family falls on her. Ashtami lunch is supposed to be grand. With all your loved ones coming over to your house to taste your specially prepared dishes, don’t forget to change your attire. The red bordered sari was alright for the morning but during the afternoon wear a yellow chikan kari sari.

Now that all the guests are leaving one by one and you plan to go for pandal hopping with your husband, change your sari. Wear something stylish with a hint of western touch in it.

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