The beauty of Castor Oil for your Hair

Heya lovely ladies!

Don’t you fantasize the lustrous hair of the celebrities and models on television? 90% of women desire for a flawless hair. A long, shiny and bouncy hair is an identity of an Indian woman. Alas! Nowadays, most women complain about hair fall and thinning of hair. It is really a common problem which is visible in every house. After marriage, I suffer from rigorous hair loss and I tried out many chemical products available in the market. On a sad note, none of these products worked on my hair.

Then, I heard about castor oil in a television health show and thought of giving it a try. The oil is thick in nature and the oil comes from the castor plant seed. It is rich in omega 9 fatty acids and necessary vitamins. It is great oil for hair growth and shiny hair. Hair loss has no specific reason and it can occur due to bad food habit, bad lifestyle, stress, depression, weather change, change of water and many more reasons. Overnight result is not possible and you need to have patience for the desired result. The regular massage with of hair with the oil will overcome the problem.

Benefits of Castor oil for your hair:
  • Omega 9 fights thinning of hair and hair loss. It strengthens hair follicles and stops the damage of the hair.

  • Anti-oxidants in the oil help you get shiny hair and increase the blood circulation of the scalp.

  • Ricinoleic acid maintains the scalp pH level. It also reduces the dandruff and makes the hair thick and long.

  • The oil improves the quality of hair and makes it healthy. The oil is rich in vitamins, which is actually good for your long hair.

Steps to apply castor oil:

  1. Take the oil on the palm and massage through the hair roots in a circular motion
  2. Massage thoroughly
  3. Keep the oil on your head for 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair
  4. For effective results, apply the oil at night before sleep and keep it overnight
  5. Next morning wash your hair
  6. The oil is thick and your pillow can get oil stain so place a soft towel on the pillow and then sleep
  7. You can mix castor oil with olive or coconut oil for additional benefits.

Buy a bottle of castor oil and apply on your hair to stop hair fall. It's amazing!!!
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